Thursday, August 3rd, 2017

A Day In The Life – Summer 2017

I don’t know how you guys feel about day in the life posts, but personally I’ve always enjoyed them on other people’s sites. Hopefully you enjoy them too! If you have one on your site let me know, I’d be intrigued to read it.

This wasn’t a particularly glamorous or noteworthy day, it was literally the daily grind. Hope you enjoy the sneak peek overshare.


Munchkin woke up crying. Turns out he peed through his diaper. You wouldn’t think this would make me happy, but it did. He’s been teething so hard for the last little while that he refused to put anything in his mouth – most food and drink included. Dehydration was becoming a concern, but obviously it isn’t anymore. *thumbs up* We clean him up and bring him back to bed with us to calm him down.


It didn’t work. He’d fall asleep only to wake up kicking, farting and crying again few minutes later. I put him back in his crib to try to salvage a little bit of the night, and he’s immediately quiet. Why didn’t I do this hours ago???


Alarm goes off. Hit snooze.


Hit snooze.


Hit snooze.


My husband calls from the nursery for assistance with a diaper change. Not a smell I enjoy upon waking, but it means everything is working as it should.


I hop in the shower for a quick rinse while my husband gets our son set up in his high chair for breakfast.


I tag my husband out so he can go for his shower. We’re out of coffee grounds, so I run some beans through the grinder to cover the next couple days. I feed the dog while the grinder is running and put water and a filter in the coffee maker.


Munchkin is feeling better and actually eating this morning, so I cut up some more baked oatmeal for him. I put my makeup on at the table beside him so I can chat with him while he eats.


My husband cleans up our son and takes him upstairs to get changed while I throw dinner together in the crock pot. The temperature cooled down outside and we had some leftover ham, so tonight is split pea soup. Hubby calls down for a damp cloth. Apparently he missed a patch of smeared raspberry on munchkin’s ankle (??)


Running around finding socks, hats, etc… Added a change of clothes to munchkin’s backpack. Put my lunch in my bag.


I’m tired and have zero inspiration fashion wise today. I throw on a work branded polo and jeans with a light coat and call it a day.


I fill up the travel mugs, throw on my shoes, and give the boys kisses goodbye. By 7:12 I’m in the car and on my way.


Parked at the office. I’m so ready for my coffee.


Breakfast time. I packed a piece of the same baked oatmeal munchkin had and a handful of fresh raspberries. I traded some friends a container of lettuce for the raspberries and some rhubarb on the weekend. Freebie swaps for the win.


One of the guys at work swings by my desk. After a quick conversation about risotto and meal prep containers, we get into the meat of why he came by and discuss whether or not a specific failure in a torque converter would result in shifting issues in a transmission. So much for a brainless breakfast.


Work work work. Answering e-mails, responding to questions, and approving reports.


I am tired with a capital T, and I’ve already finished the coffee in my deceptively small travel mug. It looks big, but volume wise it holds less than a Starbucks Tall. I make half a French press full of coffee and bring it back to my desk.


Work work work.


One of the guys from the shop broke his foot dancing (really), so we have him in the office helping us out while it heals. I’ve been training him, so we go over his most recent report. I offer some suggestions, and show him stumbling blocks to watch out for.


It’s not quuuuiiiiite lunch time, but I’m hungry now. Might as well jump the microwave queue. I packed leftover pasta with mushroom cream sauce and cherry tomatoes from dinner last night. Taking a bit of a caffeine break as well with some water and peppermint tea. Tasty.


The pasta wasn’t quite sufficient, so I grab my snack to augment it. I love Lara bars, but I can’t stomach the price of them given how simple they are to make. I threw some almonds and dates in the food processor on the weekend and formed little snack balls out of it. I think I’ll chop the almonds a little more and add some coconut next week.


I tried to take a full hour for lunch, but I was sucked back into work stuff early. Boo. Work work work.


Stand up meeting to go over area metrics. Yay visual management.


Work work work.


Coffee. Horribly, terrible office coffee. I can’t drink it. I have a Werther’s to placate my poor abused taste buds.


Work work work.


Heading out for the day.


Chose the wrong route home for traffic and it took longer than necessary. I walk in the door and let the dog out, then I strip the sheets off the beds, gather Munchkin’s clothes, and gather errant laundry.


Put munchkin’s clothes in washer and tidy laundry room.


Take a couple minutes to wash my face. I find it’s easier to do when I’m home alone.


Unload dishwasher and then turn on the radio. Munchkin is quite the little music fan.


The boys get home. I dance with around the living room with munchkin to the radio. Usually this makes him grin. Today it makes him wail like a banshee until he’s back in daddy’s arms. Cue the working mom guilt. I make him a PB&J sandwich along with some cheese and blueberries since we’re having soup for dinner. My husband reloads dishwasher while I ladle our soup and feed the dog.


Eat dinner as a family.


I put the dinner dishes in the dishwasher and run it through. My husband runs bath water for the munchkin. I clean up the munchkin in his high chair and bring him upstairs for his bath, then swap his clothes from the washer into the dryer.


Diaper, clean pyjamas, brush teeth and trim nails. General munchkin hygiene.


Lights out cuddle.


I put munchkin in his crib and sneak out of the nursery.

My husband washed up munchkin’s lunch containers, so I work on filling them up for the next day while he washes the items that wouldn’t fit in the dishwasher. I also pack up the leftover soup for lunch the next day.


Gather up kitchen towels and the high chair seat, put them in the washer.


Pour a beer and a snack bowl of roasted spiced almonds. Fold laundry while my husband looks for something to watch on TV. I wanted to watch “What The Health”, but we ended up settling on “Snowden”. Gave up on folding laundry.


Munchkin wakes up. Cuddled him back down to bed.


Come back downstairs, swap laundry from washer into dryer. My husband says “Nicely done”, which immediately cued munchkin to wake up and start crying again. Figures. Give up on the movie for the night.


Husband soothes munchkin while I put clean sheets on our bed.


Lights out. I’m done.





Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Monthly Update – July 2017

Summer clothes!

Nordstrom Sale!

Back to school is coming up!

Yeah, I didn’t buy anything.

If I’m being perfectly honest, I haven’t set foot in a clothing store since I started work again at the beginning of June. Ditto for online shopping. I find at the end of the day my brain is just toast.

I’m guessing this is common among moms that go back to work (Right? Right? Please tell me I’m right.)

Mica at Away From The Blue recently finished up a 6 month shopping ban and recapped her learnings. I’m not going to lie, the idea of a 6 month shopping ban feels incredibly appealing at the moment. Not so much because I’m a shopaholic in need of a reset, but because I’ve come to realize that I have sufficient volume of clothing in my closet. It may not be the exact item I want to wear at a given moment, but push come to shove I can dress myself.

If anything, I find myself craving less. I have the urge to remove items from my wardrobe rather than adding to it. I crave brainless simplicity because I don’t have a ton of mental capacity to spare.

Do I think I’ll actually go 6 months without shopping? No. I don’t feel that I’ve filled the sweater holes in my wardrobe for fall/winter, so I’ll be trying to do that again this year. Also, Poppy Barley is opening up their flagship store in Southgate, so there’s that as well…

Quarterly Budget: $750 – $64.12 (carryover) – $0.00 (Jul) = $685.88

Boring recap! True story.


Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

Silver Belle

The eagle eyed among you probably noticed something a little different going on with my hair lately.

Okay, you probably don’t need eagle eyes to notice it. I’ve stopped dying my hair, rendering visible what I had long considered my follicular shame: grey hair.

The first white hairs showed up right before my 16th birthday. I attributed them to my grade 11 physics teacher: a nasty woman who informed my mother under no uncertain terms that I was a terrible student, I had no comprehension of physics and that I would be failing her class. As a life-long honours student, I was a stressed out wreck. My mother told her off. I passed the class, but the white hairs appeared.

I also became a mechanical engineer. Eat your heart out teach.

I hated the idea of dying my hair when I was younger because I didn’t want to bother with the upkeep. I also liked the colour of my hair, and didn’t think I’d be able to recreate it out of a box. For 8 years I held off on touching it, until one exhausted, stressed out day I looked in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw. I didn’t feel good about my life in general, and taking control of my appearance gave me the illusion of taking control of my life. So, I dyed it. From then on I continued dying it, because the growing out period for hair as long as mine was odious.

Other than the 4” roots I was sporting by the end of my pregnancy, I haven’t really seen my natural hair in full force in nearly a decade. Only the bits in the part and around the hairline. The grow out period for dye is much shorter with my current style, so when I went in for my last cut I took what felt like the radical step of not booking a dye job as well.

The proliferation of the white hairs over the years was shocking. In a strange sort of way, I kind of liked it. It was liberating. In an era where young people are stripping and dying their hair silver, it felt downright modern.

It probably helps that I work mostly with men. Men of varying degrees of pigment and… follicle density. I received several compliments on the haircut. Not a single comment or joke about the white.

I do wonder, if there wasn’t such pressure to preserve our youth through chemical means, how many other women would look the same as I do? Once vibrant hair fading somewhat as a smattering of albino hairs crop up in between. Would we still perceive white hair as the purview of the old? Or would it be considered normal?

Maybe I’m just rambling. Looking for proof I’m not alone in this.

Either way, I have another haircut booked this week and more of the dye is coming off. I don’t know if the rest of it will be gone or not, but I suspect the majority of it will.

The more I see it, the more I’m okay with that.


Thursday, July 20th, 2017


A little throwback to my last days before going back to work! My first full day munchkin free to be honest.

Sweater: Talula / CPW:$18.48 / # of wears: 5
Shirt: Le Chateau / CPW: $5.24 / # of wears: 8

Leggings: Wilfred Free / CPW: $28.35  /# of wears: 5
Shoes: Steve Madden / CPW: $0.98  /# of wears: 43
Purse: Street Level / CPW: $1.23 / # of wears: 17
# of wears counted since October 1, 2016

It was a tough day. It probably would have been easier if I had something concrete planned to do, but instead I allowed myself to wander aimlessly.

Maybe that’s why I conveniently forgot to post these pictures?

Being away from the munchkin has been somewhat easier since going back to work. Having something to occupy my mind made the transition much easier.

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

Summer Lovin

I had grand, patriotic plans to wear red and white on Canada Day this year.

Turns out the only red items I own leave me rather overdressed in 30+ degree weather. Who knew.

Shirt: Community / CPW: $27.30 / # of wears: 3
Tank: Twik / CPW: $1.42 / # of wears: 14
Shorts: Columbia / CPW: $14.76 / # of wears: 4
Purse: Mulberry / CPW: $105.88 / # of wears: 17
Sandals: made by an artisan in Santorini / CPW: $6.00 / # of wears: 5
Sunglasses: Mercury / CPW: $1.54 / # of wears: 11
Watch: Skagen / CPW: $5.93 / # of wears: 23
Earrings: Mimi & Marge / CPW: $28.35 / # of wears: 2
# of wears counted since October 1, 2016

Admittedly, I’m terrible at dressing for the heat. I never had the knack for summer dressing, and I don’t own a ton of warm weather clothes. I just don’t find them versatile once the weather cools down.

This shirt is the first warm weather purchase I can think of in recent memory that I planned on trying to make work beyond a single season.

What do you wear in the summer? How do you dress to beat the heat?



Thursday, July 13th, 2017

Colour Theory?

Let me run a little theory past you guys. Maybe it’s super obvious to everyone else, but I’ve just been oblivious to it.

Blazer: Babaton / CPW: $68.25 / # of wears: 3
Blouse: Babaton / CPW: $50.00 / # of wears: 2
Pants: Max Mara / CPW: $110.25 / # of wears: 1
Boots: Poppy Barley / CPW: $13.12 / # of wears: 18
Purse: Mulberry / CPW: $200.00 / # of wears: 9
# of wears counted since October 1, 2016

Pairing cognac leather with shades of blue is a foolproof combo. If I’m not mistaken, navy coloured men’s suits are traditionally paired with brown shoes.

Cognac tends to be on the warmer end of the scale. I believe you can get it by mixing a little red and yellow into what would otherwise be considered a neutral brown. Or rather, you can get it by adding a little bit of blue paint into a larger quantity of orange paint.

I think that’s why it works as well as it does. The blue/cognac combo is essentially a less visually assaulting way of wearing blue and orange together. They’re colour wheel opposites, but more subtle.

I feel like this is probably taught somewhere in a class I didn’t take.



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