Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Cost Per Wear

At what point does a pricy purchase become a smart or reasonable one? That blouse is on sale, but is it actually a good idea?

If you’ve been reading for a little while, you’ve probably noticed that I’ve started including the cost per wear of the individual clothing items I wear in my posts. In an era of bloggers modelling clothes for retailers and rarely wearing them again, I feel this is an important piece of information to start including.

It would come as a surprise to very few people that I enjoy crunching numbers, so to be honest I don’t know why I didn’t start keeping track of this earlier.

Obviously, given that I only started keeping track October last year, some of my numbers are a bit skewed. They will be for a while. Given that I starting counting while on maternity leave, my collection of heeled work pumps looks like a horrendous purchasing decision. It doesn’t take into account that I wear them seasonally, or that I’d been wearing them for years prior to going on leave. I have a pair of burgundy suede heels that get worn frequently in late summer and fall. They set me back about $160 in 2009. Were they a bad purchasing decision? No. Their numbers will be skewed for a while though, because according to my stats they’ve never been worn.

So what is a reasonable cost per wear? Personally, I’m fixated on $1/wear. I can’t remember where I originally came across that number. It may have been a personal finance blog, but it could just as easily have been the lifestyle section of a newspaper. Either way, a cost per wear of $1 is my target. With eight and a half months of stats, I have six items in my wardrobe that have already hit that mark, and another seven that are under $2.

Is achieving a reasonable cost per wear the end all be all of shopping laws? No. If you buy a fast fashion tank for $3, and it falls apart in three wears, your $1 cost per wear doesn’t take into account the waste of the considerable time and resources that went into making the tank. It’s not perfect, but it does help prevent some foolish shopping decisions.

Lets look at the seemingly ubiquitous Chloe Marcie Satchel. As of the time of writing this, Neiman Marcus has the large listed at $2090 USD. Assuming you don’t have to pay tax, shipping, exchange or duty on it, you would have to wear that bag every single day for over five and a half years to achieve a cost per wear of $1. Now, maybe that bag is your signature piece and you will actually wear it every day. In that case, if you can afford it, go for it! If not, it may not be the best idea. For myself personally, when selecting an item like a coat or a bag, it has to be something I can see myself wearing when I’m 60. If I can’t, it’s probably too trendy to purchase designer. Items like my Burberry Kensington trench and Mulberry Alexa satchel are here for the long haul.

What do you consider a reasonable cost per wear?


Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

Nautical Friday

So, apparently the appropriate level of casual for Casual Friday relaxed a little while I was gone.

Blazer: Smythe / CPW: $374.85 / # of wears: 1
Shirt: Contemporaine / CPW: $3.14 / # of wears: 10

Pants: 7 For All Mankind / CPW: $7.95 / # of wears: 11
Shoes: Calvin Klein / CPW: $49.97 / # of wears: 2
Purse: Mulberry / CPW: $257.14 / # of wears: 7

Watch: Skagen / CPW: $12.00 / # of wears: 14
# of wears counted since October 1, 2016

My boss ribbed me a little for being so dressed up on a Friday. I had a new blazer and I wanted to wear it!

He was wearing what I suspect was one of his Spartan Race t-shirts and a hoodie, so yeah, I was a little overdressed.

I cuffed my jeans though, that counts as casual. Right? Okay, maybe it only mildly offset the formality of the blazer, which is tailored within an inch of its life.

Might be my best sale find of the year.


Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Batik & Bugs

The daycare bugs are hitting me hard right now. This outfit is a flashback to last week when I didn’t feel like my head was in a vice.

Blazer: Babaton / CPW: $102.37 / # of wears: 2
Shirt: Kismet (consignment) / CPW: $16.80 / # of wears: 1

Pants: 7 For All Mankind / CPW: $5.98 / # of wears: 50
Shoes: Poppy Barley / CPW: $5.56 / # of wears: 33
Purse: Mulberry / CPW: $300.00 / # of wears: 6

Watch: Skagen / CPW: $12.92 / # of wears: 13
# of wears counted since October 1, 2016

Not even going to try to put together coherent thoughts. I hurt.


Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Cubicle Dwelling

Back to the daily grind.

I’ve been back at the office for just over a week now, and while I certainly miss my munchkin, it’s good to be back.

Shirt: James Perse (consignment) / CPW: $21.00 / # of wears: 1
Pants: Banana Republic (thrifted) / CPW: $0.44 / # of wears:9
Shoes: Calvin Klein / CPW: $99.95 / # of wears: 1
Watch: Skagen / CPW: $14.00 / # of wears: 12
# of wears counted since October 1, 2016

The after a somewhat rough weekend before the first week (yay daycare sniffles…), I didn’t have my wardrobe laid out quite the way I wanted to. I ended up resorting to jeans and work branded polos for the first two days because I straight up didn’t feel like thinking in the morning.

Not that this look really took that much thought either (though the shirt does need ironing). Button down, trouser, heel, done. Okay, add a watch and pearls for good measure. Super straight forward for sure, but I felt like it struck a nice balance adding a hint of feminine to a masculine work environment.

What are your “I don’t want to think about it” office outfits?



Thursday, June 8th, 2017

New To The Bag – Spring 2017

Significantly fewer additions this past season!

To be honest I had a bit of a introspective spring. Lots soul searching, and a few changes of heart regarding my purchasing habits. Basically, I got sick of how much trash our household produces. While beauty products don’t comprise the majority of our trash, it’s undeniable that they involve a lot of packaging for very little product.

The Biore sunscreen (hat tip to Adina) was purchased prior to a lot of my mulling. I do like it. It’s lightweight, and I find the  citrus scent quite pleasant. I’m happy to use it while I look at alternatives, which I do plan on doing.

Razors have been a pet peeve of mine for years. They’re obscenely expensive for what they are, the multi-blade heads never last as long as they should, and when they’re dull you throw the whole thing out. It’s dumb. When I got down to my last couple disposable razors, I shelled out for an old school metal safety razor handle and a box of straight razor blades. I may have over purchased on the blades though. I started using the blade that came with the handle in April, and I’m still using that first blade with no issues. If I end up using one blade a season, I bought a 25 year supply. Oops. On the plus side, the blades work out to $0.11 a piece, so it wasn’t an expensive over purchase.

My husband and I went for a massage together for our anniversary. It was so needed! I picked up a small bottle of Japanese mint oil to do foot massages at home. Given how long it takes me to use up oils, this little bottle will last me for years.

Last but not least is a bar of T’eo deodorant from Lush. I’ve actually gone straight up hippy in this area. Intrigued by Kate Arnell’s profession that she just uses a dab of baking soda as deodorant, I decided to give it a shot while I was home on maternity leave. It actually worked! I was absolutely stunned. My skin needs to be slightly damp in order for it to stick, but plain baking soda does keep me scent free all day. I picked up the deodorant bar for days I want a little bit of fragrance.

So, yeah, that’s it for the last three months. I can’t say that I’ve sworn off makeup, products and packaging all together, but I am planning on putting more thought into this area going forward.

What did you add to your makeup bag last season? Any unconventional products?

Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

Off To The Dentist

Also known as that time I butchered golden light photos, lol.

Blazer: Babaton / CPW: $204.75 / # of wears: 1
Shirt: J.Crew/ CPW: $4.72 / # of wears: 5
Pants: Banana Republic / CPW: $3.92 / # of wears: 14
Shoes: Steve Madden / CPW: $1.03 / # of wears: 41
Sunglasses: no name – borrowed from husband
# of wears counted since October 1, 2016

With me going back to work soon, and the munchkin with a couple little teeth poking through, it was high time to book ourselves appointments. Much like everything else, the little man took his first dentist appointment like a champ.

I had one of those 3D X-rays done, which was an interesting experience. Turns out one of my roots skews off at a 30-45 degree angle. The funny part is that in a snaggletooth mouth, it’s one of my few straight teeth that has the funky root. Oh irony.

Good for another 6 months. Hopefully the no-cavity trend continues.


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