Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Adventures in Thrifting – Ferragamo

It’s fall, it’s getting colder out, and I’m already sick of scraping ice off my windshield when I get off work. The sky is grey, the trees are missing their leaves and I’m currently retreating into a mug of tea and a fluffy housecoat to make myself feel cozy. I need some warm happy thoughts.

Thoughts like sunshine, 28 degrees, patios and open air street festivals. Shorts and summer dresses kinda thoughts. Silks, straw and linen.

Those thoughts are hard to come by at the moment.

Those thoughts of warmth and sunshine did appear for a little while on Sunday though, when I spotted a familiar bow and buckle combination on the bottom shelf of a rack of shoes in Value Village:



Ferragamo wedges. Never saw that one coming.

They have a little bit of scuffing on the straw at the front of the shoe, and a couple spots where the fabric is a little bit dirty. Other than that, they look like they’ve barely been worn.

Given that we’re not coming into summer at the moment *sniffle*, there isn’t a lot in terms of comparable styles in the stores. The peep toed Sissi Pump is the closest I’ve found so far. Either way, for $11, I’m not complaining.

Actually, make that $8, we had a coupon 😉

They’re going in to the cobbler this weekend to be cleaned up, along with a couple other pairs of shoes. I’m looking forward to breaking these ladies in on my Honeymoon in March!

How about you guys? Any good shoe finds lately?




4 Responses to “Adventures in Thrifting – Ferragamo”

  1. Ariana says:

    These are AMAZING!

  2. AdinaJ says:

    I’m STILL jealous about this!!

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