Thursday, September 21st, 2017

Not So Mean Green

Same day outfit photo! I don’t think I’ve ever been that on top of outfit photos. Ever.

Okay, I just decided I still looked halfway okay after work today, so I snapped a couple shots before the sun went down.

Sweater: Banana Republic / CPW: $16.53 / # of wears: 4
Shirt: Banana Republic / CPW: $8.55 / # of wears: 7
Pants: Banana Republic / CPW: $11.55 / # of wears: 6
Shoes: Sam Edelman (thrifted) / CPW: $1.40 / # of wears: 15
Scarf: H&M / CPW: $1.13 / # of wears: 12
Watch: Skagen / CPW: $3.17 / # of wears: 43
# of wears counted since October 1, 2016

I’ve always loved the layered blouse and sweater look, but I’ve butchered it every single time I’ve tried it. The undershirts were always too stiff, not fitted enough, you name it. The sweaters were likewise too loose, and often times too bulky.

I feel like this is the closest I’ve gotten to successfully pulling it off. It’s a thin knit over a thin sleeveless silk shell. No sleeves to bunch up, and no buttons to detract from the smooth knit. There’s no collar, but the crew neck was large enough to let a little peak of the neckline through. I’m a fan.

It’s been cold, drizzly and occasionally sleeting for the last few days. I’ve started reaching for my scarves to add a temporary layer in the mornings and late afternoons at the office. It works for the time being.

Do you have any layering tips and tricks you use?


Tuesday, September 19th, 2017


A simple outfit for a vibrant arts festival.  We packed up the munchkin and went down to the Kaleido festival on Alberta Avenue last weekend. It was our first time going and I had no real idea what to expect, so I kept it simple. A monochrome column of navy with a light cardigan and flats.

Cardigan: Banana Republic / CPW: $13.02 / # of wears: 3
T-Shirt: Twik / CPW: $0.87 / # of wears: 12
Pants: Banana Republic (thrifted) / CPW: $0.26 / # of wears: 15
Shoes: Poppy Barley / CPW: $2.62 / # of wears 70

It was four streets of mixed music, dance, and visual art installations of all forms. It seemed like they were still setting up when we got there, but it was good overall. I’d go again. It seems like it would be fun in the evening.

It was a little breezy while we were there, but the close proximity to food trucks didn’t hurt…

Butter chicken poutine from The Dog food truck at the Kaleido Festival on 118th Ave. Not even remotely healthy, but so worth it. (Hubby had the Trailer Trash Dog – local beef sausage topped in mac and cheese.)

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Really plain, but it worked. With munchkin toddling at full speed, comfort and ease of movement is the name of the game.

Do you have any favourite festivals? What do you wear when you head out?



Thursday, September 7th, 2017

Round Two

I took pictures of this outfit on Friday, but these aren’t them.

When I originally took the photos I reviewed them on the camera screen, decided they were fine, and then shut the camera off and carried on with my day. When I had some time Saturday, I took the card out of the camera and popped it into my computer. No photos. I put the card back in the camera and checked again. No photos.


The dog had already thoroughly slobbered on the shirt, and the jeans were covered in dirt from shovelling gravel, so a quick retake wasn’t really in the cards until the laundry was done.

Shirt: Banana Republic / CPW: $2.36 / # of wears: 14
Jeans: 7 For All Mankind / CPW: $6.25 / # of wears: 36
Shoes: Poppy Barley / CPW: $29.70 / # of wears 7
Purse: Mulberry / CPW: $69.23 / # of wears 26
Sunglasses: Mercury / CPW: $0.32 / # of wears: 52
Watch: Skagen / CPW: #3.49 / # of wears: 39

Absolutely nothing in this outfit matches. From the watch to the shirt to the purse to the shoes… they’re all different colours. But you know what? It worked for me. I felt like comfortable in my own skin, which I really needed.

Mommy needed a day off! The last month was an absolute blur, so I booked today off for some much needed self care. Starting the day with a macaron gateau and latte at @duchessbakeshop, followed by a little fall wardrobe browsing. This afternoon I think I'll have a hot bath with a face mask, and then work on some projects around the house. I never appreciated how important self care days were until I didn't have time to myself.

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I took Friday off to look after myself. Since going back to work I’ve been running flat out non-stop, and it has been wearing me down. I barely felt like I had time to think, let alone do the things I wanted to do.

After sending my husband off to work and my son to daycare, I had a slower than usual shower and morning prep. A latte and treat at Duchess Bakery put a little pep in my step for some fall shopping, followed by a hot bath and face mask at home. I probably should have kept relaxing, but I snapped back into mom mode after than and did grocery shopping and some laundry. *shrug*

My husband says I should take a weekend away, but I have absolutely no idea where to go. I think I’m going to take a day like this every couple months going forward. It wasn’t much, but it made all the difference for me.


Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

September Stroll

Usually when labour day rolls around I have the urge to be super basic and wear white on Labour Day. This year, I just DGAF.

Shirt: Le Chateau / CPW: $3.49 / # of wears: 12
Pants: Banana Republic / CPW: $69.30 / # of wears: 1
Shoes: Sam Edelman / CPW: $1.61 / # of wears: 13
# of wears counted since October 1, 2016

The air has been getting crisp in the morning for the last little while. You can smell autumn in the air even though it’s still supposed to be a little ways away (in theory).

Despite the chilly morning, it still worked out to be quite a nice day yesterday. Munchkin and I walked to the grocery store and back for odds and ends, as well as a little air. I didn’t even require sleeves!

They’re calling for a risk of frost tonight in the outlying areas. I baked a pumpkin pie oatmeal for breakfast. Scarf and coat combos are starting to look awfully appealing again. As nice as yesterday afternoon was, it’s fair to say my mind is firmly in fall territory.

Maybe that’s why I’m taking pictures again?

Thursday, July 20th, 2017


A little throwback to my last days before going back to work! My first full day munchkin free to be honest.

Sweater: Talula / CPW:$18.48 / # of wears: 5
Shirt: Le Chateau / CPW: $5.24 / # of wears: 8

Leggings: Wilfred Free / CPW: $28.35  /# of wears: 5
Shoes: Steve Madden / CPW: $0.98  /# of wears: 43
Purse: Street Level / CPW: $1.23 / # of wears: 17
# of wears counted since October 1, 2016

It was a tough day. It probably would have been easier if I had something concrete planned to do, but instead I allowed myself to wander aimlessly.

Maybe that’s why I conveniently forgot to post these pictures?

Being away from the munchkin has been somewhat easier since going back to work. Having something to occupy my mind made the transition much easier.

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017

Summer Lovin

I had grand, patriotic plans to wear red and white on Canada Day this year.

Turns out the only red items I own leave me rather overdressed in 30+ degree weather. Who knew.

Shirt: Community / CPW: $27.30 / # of wears: 3
Tank: Twik / CPW: $1.42 / # of wears: 14
Shorts: Columbia / CPW: $14.76 / # of wears: 4
Purse: Mulberry / CPW: $105.88 / # of wears: 17
Sandals: made by an artisan in Santorini / CPW: $6.00 / # of wears: 5
Sunglasses: Mercury / CPW: $1.54 / # of wears: 11
Watch: Skagen / CPW: $5.93 / # of wears: 23
Earrings: Mimi & Marge / CPW: $28.35 / # of wears: 2
# of wears counted since October 1, 2016

Admittedly, I’m terrible at dressing for the heat. I never had the knack for summer dressing, and I don’t own a ton of warm weather clothes. I just don’t find them versatile once the weather cools down.

This shirt is the first warm weather purchase I can think of in recent memory that I planned on trying to make work beyond a single season.

What do you wear in the summer? How do you dress to beat the heat?




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