Thursday, September 11th, 2014

Closet Inventory – September 2014

I’ve been meaning to take a proper inventory of my closet for some time now, so it was nice to finally finish it and get a good idea of what I’m actually working with.


The result: a large disjointed mess.

A kinda dark one at that.

Tops: 66

  • Short Sleeved/Sleeveless Blouses: 6
  • Long Sleeved Blouses: 1
  • Tank Tops: 8
  • Short Sleeved T-Shirts: 17
  • Long Sleeved T-Shirts: 4
  • Polos: 3
  • Button Up Shirts: 2
  • Cardigans: 7
  • Pullover Sweaters: 2
  • Zippered Sweaters: 5
  • Hoodies/Fleeces: 11

Bottoms: 31

  • Jeans: 4
  • Dressier Pants: 3
  • Yoga Pants: 6
  • Shorts: 6
  • Skirts: 5
  • Other Pants: 7

Dresses: 18

  • Formal: 6
  • Casual: 12

Outerwear: 15

  • Casual Coats: 7
  • Dressy Coats: 4
  • Blazers: 1
  • Vests: 1
  • Jerseys: 2

Suits: 2

  • Pant Suits: 1
  • Skirt Suits: 1

TOTAL: 132

It’s a larger total number of clothes than I expected, but I get the impression that  everyone feels that way when they see the total for the first time. I’ve actually gotten rid of a pair of jeans and added a pair of dressier pants since I first did the inventory, so technically it’s already out of date.

Numbers alone don’t tell the entire story though. When I referred to my wardrobe as disjointed, it was an accurate statement. Mixed in with the day to day clothes are paint/construction clothes, camping clothes, lounging at home clothes, oil stained clothes that can only be used certain times at work, clothes I’m saving to pass down to my niece one day, and clothes that are approaching the point of falling apart and should be turfed.

A more accurate count of the clothing I can actually use would be this:

Tops: 33

  • Short Sleeved/Sleeveless Blouses: 5
  • Tank Tops: 6
  • Short Sleeved T-Shirts: 6
  • Polos: 2
  • Button Up Shirts: 1
  • Cardigans: 5
  • Pullover Sweaters: 1
  • Zippered Sweaters: 3
  • Hoodies/Fleeces: 4

Bottoms: 11

  • Jeans: 2
  • Dressier Pants: 3
  • Yoga Pants: 3
  • Skirts: 3

Dresses: 5

  • Casual: 5

Outerwear: 10

  • Casual Coats: 4
  • Dressy Coats: 4
  • Blazers: 1
  • Vests: 1

Suits: 1

  • Pant Suits: 1


That’s closer to accurate. The clothes I can wear in an office setting or casually when I’m out and about make up less than half of the total pieces of clothing in my wardrobe. It’s not that the rest of the clothing is useless, it’s just that they’re very task specific. It’s also probably the reason why I find myself looking at a full closet feeling like I have nothing to wear.

There’s more more work to be done than just pulling out the task specific clothes and packing them away in boxes, but at least this gives me a starting point to work with.

And an excuse to add to my wardrobe 😉

How about you, how large is your wardrobe?

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