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Gift Ideas For The Hard To Shop For

It’s two weeks to Christmas, how are you guys doing? All ready to go? Save for a couple stocking stuffers and a little wrapping, I’m all done. My husband on the other hand is still complaining that I’m hard to shop for.

He’s nodding in agreement beside me right now.

So on that note, I thought I’d throw some ideas out there for others who may be in a similar situation.

As per usual, the links are not affiliate. Just trying to be helpful.

For The Person Who Is So Over “Stuff”

I have been following Cait’s blog since the early days back in 2010. I’ve met her in person, and she is one of those people that I can say is a good and decent person through and through. To say she has changed her life is an understatement. She broke the cycle of consumerism, paid off her debt, changed her life and now she’s written a book about it.

If you know someone who is overwhelmed by their stuff, or just wants to change their life in general, this could be the book for them. The book itself won’t drop until January, but there’s a handful of pre-order extras that will get them started until the book arrives.

For The Hands On Person With A Shop Full Of Tools

Do you know someone who is constantly misplacing their tools when they’re working? How about someone who is active, but their knees are giving them a hard time? How about a gardener who is constantly moving around one of those little foam mats they kneel on? Someone who never has enough pockets for everything they’re trying to carry?

Herock, a company in Belgium, makes work pants with 15 pockets (yes, 15), and are designed to accommodate foam knee pad inserts. No more discomfort on rocky surfaces, no more fussing around with knee pads, no more carrying tool belts. Just everything you need within reach whenever you need it. I bought a pair for my husband last year, and he is absolutely in love with them. I picked them up at Lee Valley.

For The Particular Caffeine Junkie

Odds are if it was as easy as a buying someone a coffee maker, this person wouldn’t be hard to shop for. There’s only so many mugs a person can find cupboard space for, and a tin of coffee from the grocery store doesn’t quite have the right feel.

Why not try a coffee subscription? Availability for this kind of service depends on what country you live in, but here in Canada I know Transcend (an Edmonton roaster) includes shipping to anywhere in Canada in their subscription cost.

Is your giftee really particular about their beans and only uses freshly ground coffee? Maybe try a hand grinder so they can have their coffee on the go, whether they’re out of town for work or in the middle of the back country (or in a former coworker’s case, in his cubicle).

For The Budding Anti-Plastic Eco-Warrior

If your eco-warrior is a teenager, this would be a great time to start them out with reusable items. A water bottle and straw in either metal or borosilicate/lime soda glass. A metal tiffin or bento for their lunch and some cutlery in a wrap. A metal thermos or coffee mug. A pretty napkin. Wrap it all up in a cotton tote bag to avoid the waste implications of traditional wrapping paper and they’ll be even happier.

If your eco-warrior is an adult, moved out on their own, odds are they already have some of these things. Cloth produce bags, beeswax wrappers or anything that might help them move in the direction they’d like to go would be an idea worth considering.

The Person Who Goes Out And Immediately
Buys Everything They Mentioned Wanting

Don’t bother fighting it. Seriously. You’re busy enough this time of year, don’t waste energy you don’t really have to spare.

Rather than trying to stay ahead of buying the objects in question, consider gifting an activity related to the object instead. Kitchen gadget addict? Try gifting them a professional knife skills course or send them to a canning/preserving seminar. Young beauty junkie? Try a makeup lesson. All about the bath products? Get them a spa body scrub, or maybe try a floating session? Golfer? Get them lessons. Health nut? Send them to whatever the newest fitness class in town is.

All about their tools? It’s not an activity, but you could consider getting them stocked up on bits and blades. They do wear out, so if they’re using their tools often they’ll be quite happy about it.

For The Parent (Or Grandparent) Who Doesn’t Want Anything

My dad is traditionally very difficult to shop for. He never wants anything!

Years ago, I took 52 blank cards and filled them with things I admired about him and anecdotes about how I took after him. Every Monday, before he started the work week, he would open one at breakfast and start the week off on a positive note.

It’s not an expensive gift, it just takes a little time to put together. You still have two weeks though, so there’s time if you want to do something like this.

What do you do for the difficult gift recipient in your life?

2 Responses to “Gift Ideas For The Hard To Shop For”

  1. Mica says:

    Oh that last gift idea is the best, what a cute idea! 🙂

    I’m in that dreaded waiting time where I’ve ordered or bought everything, and there are still some things not yet here….I’m hoping they arrive before Christmas, but they should have been here this week and I haven’t got a tracking number or anything, eek!

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • The Minuteglass says:

      I hope your gifts made it on time! One of mine didn’t. It was supposed to be a father/son gift, and the father half of the gift didn’t show up even though I ordered it in November! So ticked.

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