Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

Monthly Update – April 2017

I honestly don’t know if this month could have been more basic for me. Basic and expensive, with only a little piss off towards the end. We’ll get to that though.

Twik Organic Cotton V-neck Tee in white and navy – $10.49 ea (reg $10.49 ea)

First up, t-shirts! And in organic cotton no less. I was going to buy the t-shirts regardless since it’s a go-to that fits me decently, but the switch to organic cotton was a nice perk. I’ve already worn the white one three times and the navy one four times, so the cost per wear is dropping quickly.

Contemporaine Gold Buttons Nautical Sweater – $31.45 (reg $40.95)

I was originally eyeing up a striped top from Armor-Lux, but decided it was too risky to order a shirt online that barely looked like it fit the bust of their skinny model. I ended up picking up this looser cut top at Simons instead. It’s not one of those items that I’d run out and buy a half dozen of because it’s my end all be all, but it’s quite comfortable and I do find myself reaching for it in the closet. I’ve worn this top four times already, and if it’s anything like the other shirts I’ve purchased from there it should last me a few years.

Babaton Keith Jacket in Path – $204.75 (reg $204.75)

I hemmed and hawed over this blazer for the longest time. Long enough that when I went into the store to pick it up they had removed the colour I wanted from the stores! Fortunately it was still online, so I ordered it there. It’s more of a back to work item, so I haven’t worn it yet. Love the cut though.

Skagen Starry Nights Mother of Pearl – $136.39 (reg $246.75)

I had almost given up on this watch. After scouring every Winners location I could think of, sometimes repeatedly, and having nothing turn up on eBay, I resigned myself to the fact that it wasn’t going to happen.

Then Adina found one Easter weekend!!!

It’s every bit as beautiful as I remember it being 😀

Nine West Martina Pumps in Taupe – $83.99 (reg $131.25)

I was in a toss up between the nude leather Jackpot pumps and the taupe leather Martina pumps in store. After polling some ladies privately on Instagram, I decided on the taupe pair. Too bad Nine West was sold out of everything even close to my size both in store and online! Ugh. I ended up walking through DSW the next week and found taupe patent leather pumps in my size! Given my line of work patent will likely end up being a wiser choice than leather in this shade. The box didn’t indicate which style they were, but they appear to be the Martina.

Tailoring – $92.40

This last bit is a bit of a sticking point for me. In theory I could do my own alterations, I know how they’re supposed to be done, I just never seem to get around to actually doing them. I rounded a bunch of pants up that needed some work, and took them to a tailor this month. They did a shit job. Yes, the items fit better than they did when I first took them in, but they took shortcuts instead of doing it properly. Honestly, I’m finding that locating a decent tailor in this town is like finding a high quality shirt in a fast fashion store. Most people don’t know what to look for in alterations anymore, so the “tailors” are getting away with it. I started a Yelp account specifically to review the place I went to. I’ll probably do a post on it later.

Calming down.

Quarterly Budget: $750 + $360.64 (carryover) – $569.96 (Apr) = $540.68

All together this month came to $569.96 for $737.08 worth of clothing and alterations. I’m glad I decided to carry over the budget excess from last quarter, and I’m happy with the items I bought. None of the items are trend focused, and all of the items mix and match with clothing I already own. The taupe pumps are actually an item I’ve been meaning to add to my wardrobe for two years now! I’m content, and to be honest I’ll be buying fewer items next month. Maybe a couple blouses and some light wash denim if I can find it marked down on a super sale.

I’m linking up again with the lovely ladies over at Franish again this month. If you want to see how other people spend their money and build their wardrobes, I’d suggest checking it out!

How did you spend your money this month?

6 Responses to “Monthly Update – April 2017”

  1. Mica says:

    I’m sorry you’re so unimpressed with the tailor! My little local lady had some family issues and had to keep closing the shop, eventually she just closed it entirely which was so sad. I haven’t found anything else local. I did go to a big ‘chain store’ tailor in a shopping centre and was SO annoyed with the high cost and terrible results. So I’ve just stopped buying things that need hemmed, it’s not a cost effective solution for me any more to shop outside the petite section sadly! 🙁

    You did buy some great things this month – well done on tracking down pieces you’ve wanted a while!

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend 🙂

    Away From The Blue Blog

    • The Minuteglass says:

      Yeah, I’m going to have to get super finicky about fit, because having alterations done really hasn’t been great. Fortunately with the introduction of more “ankle length” and cropped pants to the market, bottoms are doable. Shirts are still a royal pain though 🙁

      I hope you have a great weekend as well!

  2. Xin says:

    I’ve had trouble finding good tailoring too, though I’m completely clueless about what too look for. In New York, I think people who do good work are out there, but the cost can be shocking – I’ve never disclosed how much it cost to hem an Anthropologie dress I bought early in my blogging days because the number was too, too much.

    I’m definitely a fan of that Skagen watch! It’s just so pretty. I haven’t been wearing it as often lately though, because I’ve been a bit lazy about accessorizing.

    • The Minuteglass says:

      I’d hope you could find a decent tailor in New York, but like you said, the cost can be shocking. I think one of the fashion schools in New York teaches proper tailoring, but odds are the students get snapped up by companies rather than starting their own shops. Have you tried looking around the garment district?

      I’m seriously curious how much you paid to have the Anthro dress hemmed, because I’m curious where the bar for too much is. The number has so many regional and personal influences.

  3. UGH! I’m so sorry the tailor did such a terrible job. That is the worst. I hear you; it’s super hard to find a good one. It’s hard to want to risk your clothes every time you try someone new. (I took a couple of things to tailor close to me—just because she was close—and one item looked worse than if my roommate would have just done it…and it was just hemming up a skirt lining.)

    • The Minuteglass says:

      It is hard! I’d love to find someone I could trust a dress or blazer too, but I haven’t been able to find that person yet. I mean, how do you screw up hemming jeans? You’re supposed to be a professional!

      How on earth did they botch hemming a skirt lining??

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