Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

Monthly Update – December 2016

Would you believe I technically didn’t purchase anything this month? Not even on Boxing Day! Everything in this recap was purchased on Black Friday and delivered during the month of December.

Sloan Fit Solid Pant in Beret Red – $57.75 (reg $115.50)

These pants have been surprisingly versatile, and I’ve already worn them six times this month. The cut was significantly looser than my thrifted Sloans, so I took a chance and shrunk them in the dryer. It worked. They hug the knee and calf much closer now, and are a touch more cropped than shown in this picture.

Logan Fit Black Lightweight Pants (short inseam) – $70.35 (reg $140.70)

Another purchase I’m pretty content with. I’ve only worn them twice this month, but I’m not too bothered by it since these were meant to be work pants and I’m not actually back to work yet. The short length was perfect with 3″ heels on me, and so far they don’t appear to be completely brutal when it comes to being hair magnets. Funny how having a pet can change your priorities.

Italian Cashmere Blend Vee Neck Pullover in Emerald Green – $44.63 (reg $89.25)

I felt better about this sweater before wearing it than I did afterwards, but that’s a separate post of its own. For what it is I felt the price was reasonable, and I’ve already worn it five times. I love the emerald green colour. It’s more of an accent colour than a core colour for me, but I like what it adds to my wardrobe.

Three items is more than my current two a month allotment, but since the last two months involved only single item purchases it all balances out. Additionally, the reduced quarterly budget after my spendy September doesn’t appear to have hurt me in the least:

Quarterly Budget: $650 – $299.25 (Oct) – $44.63 (Nov) – $172.73 (Dec)= $133.39 under budget

Still more than $100 under budget! Which also means I’m under budget for the year as well. I’m finding my current budget allotment to be quite workable, and I think I will continue maintaining this level of spending in the new year, albeit with a few twists (more on that soon).

How did you do this month? Did you do any boxing day shopping? Did you come under budget or did you blow it all out in preparation for the new year? Any good deals?

4 Responses to “Monthly Update – December 2016”


    Wait for my secondary post on what I bought in December because I realized just how much I shopped when I finally tried to do a roundup. O_o

    Plus your comment sparked it.. I thought: wait I did buy more didn’t I?

    • The Minuteglass says:

      Lol, I’m looking forward to seeing the “stuff I forgot about” post. I really enjoyed the purchases you had listed, so I’m curious to see the rest of them!

  2. Mattie says:

    Yay for not buying anything in December and double yay for being under budget! I didn’t buy anything in December either! 🙂

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