Thursday, September 28th, 2017

Monthly Update – September 2017

So apparently I batch shop.

It makes sense when I think about it. Where I used to be able to casually browse and linger while making decisions, my life has become much more about efficiency. These days I browse the offerings online, save the ones I like to a Pinterest board, and then ask a sales associate to direct me to those items when I go into the store. Sure, I could order the items online, but I still prefer to try before I buy. Why tie up my money on maybes if I don’t have to?

Banana Republic Silk Cashmere Crewneck – $66.15 (reg $110.25)
Banana Republic Sloan Fit Utility Pants – $69.30 (reg $115.50)

Both of these items have been favourites for me this month. I find olive a really easy colour to work with, so the pants have been worn 7 times already! The sweater was a bit of a test. After my disastrous BR sweater experience last winter, I passed over the thicker knits and wool blends, and instead opted for the thin silk cashmere blend. After 5 wears it doesn’t seem to be pilling to the extent that my green sweater did, and the shape held up to hand washing far better than the camel merino sweater did last year.

Banana Republic Long Sleeve Soft Jersey Cardigan – $39.06 (reg $65.10)

This cardigan hasn’t been worn as frequently as the pullover, but that will likely change as we move further into autumn. I’ve still worn it 3 times so far this month.

I don’t have photos of the last blouse just yet. I’ve only worn it once so far, because I have the urge to pair it with dress pants and I don’t wear those as often as jeans. I really should wear it with jeans though, there’s nothing wrong with that pairing.

Banana Republic Cross Front Draped Shell – $31.50 (reg $52.50)

On the other end of the spectrum, there was also a notable exit from my closet this month. I sold my Smythe blazer. It was tailored absolutely perfectly for me – but I never wore it. I literally wore it once, and that was it. I couldn’t justify having something that beautiful, or that expensive, just hanging in my closet unworn. I’m thankful I purchased it, because having it sit there prompted a lot of self reflection and really drove forward my understanding of what styles I wear and why.

The blazer went to another blogger whose style it pairs with better than my own. I’m seriously excited to see how she wears it. It was a decent garment, it just wasn’t meant for me.

Quarterly Budget: $750 – $64.12 (carryover) – $0.00 (Jul) – $207.90 (Aug) – $206.01 (Sep) + $350 (blazer) = $621.97

Tons of money left over! To be honest though, I’m not going to carry it over to next season. My closet is not so lacking in volume or variety than I could justify spending almost $1400 by the end of the year. Maybe I would consider it if I had purse or jacket purchase in mind that I had been mulling over and researching for an extended period already, but there’s nothing like that going on right now. A pair of jeans, a pair of boots and some sweaters? For sure. But not $1400 worth.

On the subject of wardrobe, this Saturday marks the end of my first year of wardrobe tracking! It has been utterly enlightening, and I’m looking forward to recapping what I’ve learned with you.

What did you purchase this month? Anything exciting?



8 Responses to “Monthly Update – September 2017”

  1. Jess says:

    Those olive pants are cute! I’ve been looking for some olive pants myself, so I might have to check those out! And it’s so sad when you buy something expensive but never wear/use it. I just went through that today in fact with Madewell’s Transport Tote, something I love in theory more than in practice.

    • The Minuteglass says:

      Aww, that’s sad to hear you’re not using the transport tote. I love the look of their totes. It’s good that you recognize you’re not using it though, hopefully it will help guide your future purchases. Best of luck with the olive pants! Definitely catch them on sale if you can!

  2. Xin says:

    That blazer was so nice – a perfect fit is hard to find with blazers! I don’t get real use out of my blazers either, though I do need them for work (and maybe should consider getting nicer ones than my current Ann Taylor/J.Crew Factory ones). I just don’t like wearing jackets – they’re just not very “me” and I end up needing to take them to the dry cleaner too often.

    • The Minuteglass says:

      It didn’t end up working out for the other blogger, so it will be making its way back to me. I find for myself it’s not that I don’t like jackets (I love them), it’s that this one was too structured. If it was softer in the shoulder, maybe with a shawl collar, it would have been worn far more often. I’m going to try to give it another go.

  3. Wow, I can’t believe you sold that blazer! But it’s not worth keeping something that’s just pretty to look at if you’re not also wearing it. You’ve reminded me that I should keep that in mind when I go through my closet looking for unworn pieces. I’m sure there’s a bunch I could let go but always find an excuse not to!

    • The Minuteglass says:

      It’s definitely a good thing to keep in mind when looking at your closet! Though, it sounds like my blazer is coming back to me. I guess I’ll have to put some more effort into wearing it rather than just letting it hang there.

  4. Mica says:

    It’s good you just bought one knit to see how it washes and wears – when I’m looking for things like that I tend to buy in multiples right away if they are available, ha!

    I’m much more of a try things on in person now too. I think partly due to my post-baby boy being different and still learning how to dress it. I get next to no time to shop in store now though, so that translates to les purchases overall. And I did have that 7 months without shopping too. Didn’t buy anything other than some much needed end-of-breastfeeding bras this month. I did have a day set aside for a massive shopping trip, but the little one smashed his face and suddenly the day was doctors visits and xrays.

    • The Minuteglass says:

      OH NO! I hope your munchkin is doing okay. It just figures, doesn’t it? I took a day off for some self time later on this month as well, but I have a feeling it will at least partly be used for munchkin’s flu shot.

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