Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

Small Changes

Earth Day is this Saturday, April 22nd. Keeping that in mind, I thought it would be a good time to share some of the changes I’ve been trying to implement around our home. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t occasionally horrified by the amount of trash generated by our household, and I’ve slowly but surely been trying to do something about it.

Bulk barn announced recently that they would allow customers to bring containers from home to refill rather than forcing them to use bags from the store. This has been great, because it means I can purchase exactly what my containers can hold rather than guesstimating and having a bunch of little bags left over.

My husband is a bit of a candy fiend. Aside from the obvious dried bulk goods and seasonings, I’ve also started buying his gummy candies in bulk. Cuts down on all of those little packages!

The same week Bulk Barn made their announcement, my closest grocery store also announced they were going to start charging for bags. I loathe paying for bags. That little change prompted me to do a better job of keeping my reusable bags on me when I’m picking up groceries.

My cleaning supply transition has been slowly swapping over for the last two years as I used up our combined product supply. I started with using baking soda as a scouring powder instead of other cleaning chemicals. It works beautifully, especially on our glass shower door. The castile soap was added to the mix when my son was born, as I didn’t want to risk cleaning chemical residues ending up on him in the tub. It also works shockingly well, and as a bonus I can refill the container once it’s empty as Earth’s General Store in Edmonton carries it in bulk.

I haven’t used vinegar as much as I would like to yet because my husband isn’t a fan of the scent. I’m using these instructions from The Kitchn to try and add a different scent to the vinegar, to see if it helps at all. The current batch is orange rose, mostly because I had an orange and some wilting roses on hand when I had the urge to try it. I have a feeling the orange is going to overpower the rose scent, but if nothing else it’s adding a pretty tint to the mix. I think the next batch might have to be lemon eucalyptus.

Another change, which I neglected to photograph as they were in the wash, were my son’s mealtime wipes. I cut up a couple stained t-shirts into little squares that I could use to wipe him down when he finishes eating. It saves the t-shirts from the landfill, and prevents me from using disposable baby wipes on him. There’s a big stack of them beside his high chair, and they just get thrown in with the kitchen towels at the end of the week.


So that’s what’s new on our end. What small changes have you made in your life? Any good suggestions to add to the mix?

6 Responses to “Small Changes”

  1. SarahN says:

    You warm my heart (As you’d well know!)

    Best things I ever did was have large quantities of hankies and rags, totally means I NEVER think a paper towel is optimal. I just toss in the washing basket as soon as required and grab another one.

    Kudos to Sherry’s idea – I like it a lot. I mean, first sentence I was icky, but it makes PERFECT sense. I also find if my ‘overnight’ underwear show NO signs of wear, will get reworn to bed the next night. TMI? Perhaps..

    • The Minuteglass says:

      I knew you would approve. I miss your posts from back when you weighed your trash at the end of the week! I remember reading about how you took your containers to the store thinking I couldn’t do that here, but last week I took a container to the deli and had them put my meat in it rather than in a bag!

      I actually picked up two stacks of cloth napkins yesterday. I’m going to try to wean my husband off the paper towel 😀

  2. Love how you reuse the old t-shirts, I will have to give that a try when my son starts eating solids.
    One thing I did to reduce the amount of paper entering our house was switching to paperless bills and statements. This has also reduced the need to shred those sensitive documents which I hate doing lol.

    • The Minuteglass says:

      It doesn’t take many t-shirts to make a good stack of wipes either! I think I ended up cutting 3 shirts up, and I have enough wipes that I only have to throw the towels in the wash once a week. I wish I had done it sooner! I’m actually thinking the next time a holey shirt comes my way I’m going to cut it up into handkerchiefs for the bathroom.

      Ugh, I’ve tried to convince my husband to go paperless on our bills but he won’t do it! It’s so much easier!

  3. The baby wipes for the mouth are what we had too – handkerchiefs.. and I soak them in Oxiclean if it gets too bad and I feel guilty for not handwashing the red pepper or tomato stains beforehand 😉

    Hmm.. other tips… well.. er… I make Baby Bun wear his disposable diaper from the night before and still treat it like underwear, telling him to keep it dry. It isn’t until nap time that we take it off (it is very dry, but he does have a tendency to pee a little). I started doing this when I was noticing I was throwing away DRY CLEAN diapers in the morning and felt weird about reusing them for the next night.

    • The Minuteglass says:

      Haha, I wouldn’t be too concerned about the stains. Mine are covered in blueberry and raspberry stains as well. They’re only used for wiping him or the space around him down, so why worry about slight discolouration?

      I’m impressed he’s going that long without an oops! If the diaper is dry though, why change it? I can see why you would do that. We’re obviously nowhere near that point yet. The fact that my son pees like a race horse doesn’t help either.

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