Thursday, January 19th, 2017

That Turned Around Fast

That cold weather I was complaining about? Yeah, it warmed back up. Extreme cold warnings to nearly melting in a matter of days. Gotta love Alberta.

Coat: Talula / Sweater: Banana Republic / Jeans: 7 For All Mankind /
Shoes: Sam Edelman (thrifted) / Watch: Skagen

I never fully understood how badly I needed a pair of lighter boots in my wardrobe until I had them and had to send them back. Black doesn’t always hit the mark, you know what I mean? I was definitely jumping the gun on the warmer weather (it was still below freezing), but I pulled my gold flats back out. It may have only been just for a day, but I enjoyed it while I could.

Like I mentioned last week, I started reincorporating my pre-pregnancy clothes back into my wardrobe. Having a few pairs of jeans lets me rotate them to let the fabric recover, or, you know, to wash them. Adding the remaining pairs of jeans to my new ones and white ones means I’m back up to four pairs.

*happy dance*

Well, probably not four pairs for long. These bootcut jeans are a low rise, which is definitely not the most comfortable anymore. I intentionally bought these with no stretch so that I could wear them in without risk of the elastic bagging out on me over time. At almost 5 years old, with FREQUENT wear, they have held up their shape nicely. My low rise skinny jeans will be 6 years old next month! Unfortunately, they are pinching my hip bones harder now than they did when I was this weight previously, so I think my hip dimensions may have changed. It’s a pity, because they’re great jeans.

Out of curiosity, how many pairs of jeans are in your closet?

8 Responses to “That Turned Around Fast”

  1. Asia says:

    Love the rusty colour of your sweater, I am really digging these earthy brownish orangish pinkish hues!

    I swear I had the same pair of jeans and also got rid of them. Love the look of wash but 100% cotton isn’t as comfortable to wear anymore. I think I was okay with my pants digging into my hip bones when I was in college but things change!!!!

    I have been wishing for flats weather lately. Mostly just tired of lugging around boots. The gold is a really nice addition to your wardrobe.

    • The Minuteglass says:

      I find I’m really starting to gravitate towards the warmer hues as well. It doesn’t show too much yet because my wardrobe has been dominated by cool tones for so long, but change is definitely in the air!

      Did you get rid of them or did you turn them into skinny jeans? I feel like the muffin top wasn’t as pronounced in college as it is now. As to whether I weighed less then or it was just distributed differently, I don’t know.

      I gave up on waiting for flats weather and just wore them anyway, lol.

  2. Xin says:

    Our temperatures have been all over the place too. It’s bizarre. (The NYC has had quite a few strange winters in a row, temperature and weather patterns-wise, which makes one worry a lot about climate change.)

    Those flats are super cute.

    • The Minuteglass says:

      Bizarre is the right word for it! It’s January and we have almost no snow left. This is borderline unheard of, but then again we have had a few strange winters in a row now too. I planned a winter wedding in March two years ago, and it was plus 14 celsius! I’m half expecting to get hit with a blizzard in early May, just to round out the bizarre factor.

  3. SaraHn says:

    Jeans count: 2 white pairs (different sizes, gifted to me, wasn’t bothered to return either as both fit), 1 pair black,,1 pair short (flats only), 1 skinny denim, 1 for with high heels and too tight, 1 all rounders (heels or flats, good wash, stretch, fit, little diamanté on the pockets). So seven. Though other colours don’t feel to be jeans to me. The too tight ones should go, they were the same brand as a pair that wore out but they aren’t the same 🙁

    • The Minuteglass says:

      I’ve been thinking about adding a pair of black jeans to the mix. Basically something to wear instead of leggings while still having the legging look. I’ve also been thinking about it for a year and a half, so you can see how quickly I’ve moved on that topic, lol.

  4. Jess says:

    Those flats are so cute! (Actually, I think I’ve tried them on before!) If it’s warmer out, then you’ve got to take advantage! 🙂 I currently have three pairs of “normal” blue jeans that I regularly wear (Citizens of Humanity, Madewell, and Gap), and then I also mix in leggings and a few pairs of colored or ripped jeans. Good jeans are so hard to find :-/

    • The Minuteglass says:

      Can you believe I found those brand new in a consignment store? They’re awesome. I never expected gold to be such a go to colour for me, but it kind of is. I remember when you found those CoH jeans for a steal! I was definitely envious of that bargain 😉

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